About Us

Jewelryvista.com is a website that features pages relating to different types of jewelry to be worn for different occasion.  A group of passionate jewelry fans, who love to accessorize and spruce up their outfits with different types of jewelry, maintain this website.

The objective of this website is to provide a useful one stop resource center for jewelry enthusiasts or anyone who is keen to know more about these decorative items. The scope of this website includes a wide assortment of jewelry made from different materials, to be worn at different parts of body, from earrings, necklaces bangles, rings and so on.

To ensure that you have a one-stop shop resource center that provides all you need to know about jewelry, we have gathered and compiled the information and varied recommendations of the jewelry in accordance to practical sections covering various occasions and materials.

We strongly believe that by presenting the comprehensive information in this way can better help readers in their decision making on whether the jewelry piece suit their requirements and budget.

To continue to give our readers a useful and thorough information, Jewelry Vista is constantly including more pages that to this website. We would like to hear from our readers as well, in order to make this website more exciting and comprehensive in time to come.

If you have any comments, do drop us an email at contact [at] jewelryvista.com