16 Most Beautiful (Jan 2017) Engagement Rings Under 500

Round-cut Three-Stone Braided Diamond Ring 2/5 Carat (ctw) in 14k White Gold(updated in Jan 2017) We have come out with a recommended list of beautiful engagement rings for those with a budget of less than 500 dollars. With many engagement rings of varied designs available, sorting out a ring that actually captures her heart and complements her style is a grueling task.

Securing an ideal engagement ring is still important in this modern society as this prized treasure holds much significance and meaning. Marriages are based on the principles of intimacy and deep connections and a ring is an important symbol of this love union.

In addition, the ring connects you and your partner in tangible ways as it reminds you of her love and commitment to you. It is the physical surety that you are indeed serious about marrying this special lady.

When you choose the ring, similar to choosing promise rings for girlfriend, we at Jewelry Vista believe strongly that you need to take note that it can essentially enhances a lady’s appearance. Hence you should pick one that suits her lifestyle and fashion sense.

Types of engagement rings
There exist a large number of engagement ring styles that it’s hard to narrow down on the possibilities. At the price of 500 and below, your range of selection cover the following:

Round-cut Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring 7/8 Carat (ctw) in 14k White GoldGemstones – white diamond engagement rings under 500 is surely the most popular choice. Other diamond color to consider includes blue diamond that is distinctive and special.

If you want to give her something less conventional and more unique, there are other gems to consider. Other category of stones include Cubic Zirconia (CZ) engagement ring that offers high brilliance like diamond, pink morganite that exudes a feminine appeal and blue sapphire which radiates calm and serenity.

Styles – Solitaire engagement ring come along as stand-alone gemstone that signifies love that is “one and only”. Halo ring offers smaller secondary stones surrounding the main stone which leaves more room for creative design. Another popular style is the vintage engagement ring. This style gets its inspiration from ancient times and their charm comes from its enduring and ageless design.

Metal band material – Below 500 dollars, the common material that is used to construct the metal shank of the ring is white gold. At this price, the gold karat is usually 14k or 10k. Rose gold has become increasing popular due to its subtle expression of feminism and opulence.

If you are also considering a more expensive engagement ring, check out our page on best engagement rings under 1000 here.

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Scroll down now for our comprehensive list of inexpensive engagement rings below 500 dollars that are beautiful, dazzling and magnificent looking.

Latest ring prices (after discount) may change without notice.

0.5 Carat Marquise Head Diamond Bridal Set, 10k White Gold

Why she will love it

I1/2ct Marquise Head Diamond Bridal Set in 10k White Goldmpress the love of your life with this engagement ring that has been creatively designed that will bring out the special personality in her.

As this is a bridal set, you will receive the engagement ring and wedding band together. What makes this ring special is the beautiful interlocking design which is intriguing. She will definitely be awestruck by this distinctive design that is also comfortable to wear.

41 gleaming stones, with a total weight of 0.5 carat are arranged neatly, each with a definitive shine.

The special marquise cut center diamond will surely be well-received – this elongated shape has tapering points at both ends, making it look long and grand. The adjacent diamonds are arranged in a channel pattern that further enhances this ring’s appeal.

A unique engagement ring and bridal set under 500 which is worth your consideration!


1/3 Carat Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring, 14K White Gold

Why she will love it

Engagement Rings Under 500Ladies are drawn to 3 diamond engagement ring because the trio of gemstones are pleasantly arranged to provide a dazzling effect.

Her heart will melt when you present this ring to her – a center diamond, with 2 adjacent glittering diamonds. These three precious diamonds are set in a classic prong setting and all are brilliant cut.

Smaller stones embellished the metal shank to complete the attention-getting ring.

Set in solid 14k white gold, if you are finding a 3 diamond engagement ring with additional glittering stones at the side, this selection fits your requirement, and is among the most value-for-money cheap diamond engagement rings under 500!


Similar Ring Available

This ring comes in another similar design, popular with ladies who prefer to have less bling.

Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring 1/4 carat (ctw) in 14K White Gold

0.4 Carat 3 Stone Braided Diamond Engagement Ring, 14K Yellow Gold


Why she will love it

Round-cut Three-Stone Braided Diamond Ring 2/5 Carat (ctw) in 14k Yellow GoldA majestic combination of 3-shimmering-diamond ring and accompanying side diamonds – the abundance of radiance in this ring plus your earnestness when you ask for her hand will give you high chance of success from your dearest.

The main stone is a 1/6 carat diamond.  These diamonds are round cut. Augmenting the attractive twinkling effect are the additional side diamonds that are encrusted in the metal ring, giving the total weight to 2/5 carat.

The metal portion is constructed with 14k yellow gold, with a braided design. Yellow gold has always been regarded as the symbol of wealth and this engagement ring will surely add luxuriousness to her overall attire, definitely among the most beautiful engagement rings under 500!


Similar Ring Available

If you are looking engagement rings in rose gold or white gold under 500, you can consider these alternatives –  rose gold ring or white gold ring of the same model here.

Round-cut Three-Stone Braided Diamond Ring 2/5 Carat (ctw) in 14k Rose Gold
Round-cut Three-Stone Braided Diamond Ring 2/5 Carat (ctw) in 14k White Gold

Diamond Engagement Rings

7/8 Carat White Diamond & Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring, 14k White Gold

Why she will love it

Round-cut Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring 7/8 Carat (ctw) in 14k White GoldIf she always prefers unique things that stand out from the rest, then this exceptional engagement ring is what you are looking for!

The most striking feature has to be the gem used as the centerpiece –  a round blue sapphire in a classic prong setting. Blue sapphire has traditionally been considered by people as a heavenly source of protection and strength, which adds significance in an engagement ring.

Adding to the sparkle are white diamonds that will please your sweetheart’s and get a resounding “Yes!” when you ask her to be your wife.

Completing this special ring is the diamond encrusted shank in 14k white gold, which will bring out her trendiness when she wears it with her fashionable outfit, this is surely one of the most unique engagement ring under 500 you can find!


6.0mm Cushion-Cut Morganite & Diamond Accent Three Stone Ring, Rose Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver

Why she will love it

engagement ring under 500If she likes less conventional things, this engagement ring will appeal to her due to its more special details.

At the heart of this luxurious looking three stone cushion-cut morganite ring is a majestic 6.0mm morganite.  Its fascinating pink hue will surely attract compliments when your fiancée to be wears it.

A gorgeous alternative to diamond, morganite has been considered by many to symbolize divine love and also brings compassion and patience.

These qualities are among the essential ingredients in a marriage, which greatly brings out the significance of this ring when you pop the important question to her.

The accompanying twinkling diamond accents, together with the morganite, are set on a solid and attractive rose rhodium plated sterling silver. Certainly among the most grand engagement rings under 500 dollars!


Similar Ring Available

If you are seeking rings with morganite as one stone with supplementary diamond stones, do also check out this stunning cushion cut morganite engagement ring with diamond accents.

1/3 Carat (ctw) Three Stone Engagement Ring, 14k White Gold

Why she will love it

Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring 1/2 carat (ctw) in 14k White GoldAn extraordinary and bohemian looking engagement ring that will thrill the love of your life when you pop the life changing question to her!

3-stone engagement ring are popular because they are highly symbolic.

The 3 gems represent past, present and future, signifying both of you plan building on the foundation of the relationship to marry and live together for the years ahead – this representation is definitely significant in an engagement ring.

This exquisite engagement bridal ring showcases 3 gorgeous diamonds and 12 accompanying pave set sparkling white diamonds. These gemstones weigh a total weight of 1/3 carat.

Another interesting feature are that some of the white diamonds encrusted on the side of the 14k white gold metallic band, this augment the bohemian feel and makes the ring sparkle from all sides. Certainly among the best vintage engagement rings under 500!


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0.25 Carat (ctw) 14k White Gold Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring


Why she will love it

Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring 1/4 Carat (ctw) in 14K White GoldA classic and exquisite looking ring that will impress the love of your life.

Featuring a popular micro prong setting, you will get a scintillating center main stone that is 0.05 carat. Complementing this center diamond are elegant smaller diamonds that surround the main stone.

The result is a breathtaking effect which are unmistakably visible in this piece of treasure.

Another noteworthy feature are the additional diamonds that are inlaid along the metal band, delivering further charm which she will surely be fascinated.

All in all, the 37 eye-catching gemstones weigh a total 0.25 carat. These natural white diamonds are set on a durable 14k white gold.

With a quality finishing and timeless design, this is an exceptional round diamond engagement ring under 500 dollars!


1/3 Carat Diamond Frame Swirl Bridal Set, Sterling Silver and 10K Two-Tone Gold

Why she will love it

bridal ring sets under 500If you are thinking of buying a unique engagement ring for 500 or less, this bridal set is unquestionably one fine piece of jewelry to consider.

2 details in this ring stand out that she will notice. The first is the use of three tone – two tone gold and sterling silver band.  While less common, this will capture her attention and gaze especially she is the lady who always strives to be different from the rest.

Glittering diamond accents are also inset in the 10k two tone gold band, creating a wonderful cool brilliant finishing.

The next feature is the slight twist that has been creatively incorporated in the metallic band. This interesting swirl round the center stone is one first-rate design that she will surely appreciate.

This is among the best value for money, top class and cheap engagement rings under 500 to get for your special one!


Similar Ring Available

Another feminine elegant looking three tone band bridal set is worth checking out.
For those who like the swirl pattern, but prefer one tone or two tone, a similar design in classic sterling silver or sweet rose gold and sterling silver is available as well.

0.5 Carat Princess-Cut Diamond Frame Bridal Set, 10K White Gold

Why she will love it

1/2ct Princess Shaped Head Diamond Bridal Set in 10k White GoldIf you are seeking for a wedding sets under 500 dollars, this princess cut diamond frame twist engagement ring is one definitive jewelry for your consideration.

Princess cut gemstone has become a popular choice due to its square or rectangular face-up shape, making it easily recognizable and trendy looking.

The centre stone is made up of 9 round diamonds.  More round diamonds are encrusted on the shank to complete the ring’s sophisticated look.  Because of these qualities, your partner will be pleased with the ring’s brilliance.

In addition, the wedding band are stunningly encrusted with smaller gemstones, further enhancing the dazzling spectacle when she wears it proudly on her finger.

Complete with a polished 10k white gold, this ring is certainly among the most value for money cheap princess cut engagement rings under 500!


0.25 Carat Round Cut Diamond Ladies Halo Engagement Ring, 10K Gold


Why she will love it

Round Cluster and Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 1/4 Carat (ctw) in 10k White GoldA highly distinctive ring that incorporate 2 popular features that will really capture her heart when you ask for her hand!

The first popular feature is the halo setting. In a halo setting ring, numerous small diamonds surrounding the middle stone, resulting in an unrivalled beauty as the supplementary diamonds bring out the splendour of the center diamond.

Another well-like feature in this engagement ring is the center princes cut precious diamond. Exquisite looking, Princess cut diamonds are popular among ladies for its pleasing geometry and its characteristic alternative to the common round brilliant cut

In total, these diamonds weigh a total 0.5 carat, are set in solid 14k white gold. Alluring with an aesthetically pleasing design, this is also among the best princess cut engagement rings under 500!

More halo engagement rings can also be found in our article on engagement rings below 1000 dollars.


6.0 mm Pink Morganite & Diamond Accent Frame Engagement Ring, 10K Rose Gold

Why she will love it

engagement rings under 500

An exceptional engagement ring that stands out from the rest, certainly one that will grab her attention.

The most prominent specification has to be the heart-shaped morganite which is the center of attraction. Displaying hues of pink, this ring enhances her feminine appeal and make her feel warmth and loved.

A heart-shaped ring is also an ideal promise ring for her for couples who have just started their relationship – check out more on promise ring meaning here.

Morganite has been regarded as a symbol of love and promise, which increases the meaning of the message that you want to convey to her when you present this gift to her.

Paring the morganite is the 10k rose gold shank. With a tone that matches beautifully with the center gem, it is the most ideal metal to use for this ring.

A feminine and awe-inspiring unique ring that undoubtedly also ranks among the best rose gold engagement rings under 500!


Similar Ring Available

The rings are also available in round-shaped pink morganite – one with white diamond accents, the other with enhanced black diamond accents.

0.25 Carat Three Stone Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, 14k White Gold

Why she will love it

Three Stone Princess-cut Diamond Engagement Ring 1/4 Carat (ctw) in 14k White GoldMake your sweetheart feel loved with this engagement ring that has a highly dazzling diamond cluster at the center.

Her eyes will sparkle when you excitedly show her this ring. In the middle, she will easily notice the numerous diamonds that are arranged in an ingenious bunch – 0.06 Carat three stone princess-cut, creating a radiant effect, these scintillating natural diamonds will make her feel exceptional.

In addition, these diamonds are round cut; round cut diamonds are the preferred shape and provide much sparkle.

Adjacent to the cluster at the center are additional of these precious stones that are wrapped around the bridge and also studded in the 14k white gold band – a visual spectacle indeed from all these gems that weigh 0.25 carat, making it among the top diamond engagement rings under 500 dollars!


Diamond Engagement Rings

1-1/4 Enhanced Black and White Diamond Alternating Bridal Set, Sterling Silver

Why she will love it

cheap diamond engagement rings under 500

For a more unique jewelry to present to your sweetheart when you ask her for her hand during the momentous question, this is one of the ideal ring that you should be looking for.

Featuring an enthralling enhanced black and white diamonds that are set in a row, she will be mesmerized by the alternating color of these dazzling diamonds.

The main gemstones are the enhanced black diamonds – the special black glitter not only captures her attention, but as black color also commonly represents character and style, this ring also signifies the uniqueness that you hope to bring to her life as both of you live together in the years ahead.

Both the  sterling silver metallic engagement and wedding bands are studded with white diamonds, augmenting the appeal of this special ring. A strong consideration if you are seeking a great bridal ring sets under 500!


1/3 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Set, 14K White Gold

Why she will love it

Diamond Engagement Ring 1/3 carat (ctw) in 14k White GoldA graceful and polished engagement ring that will surely attract pleasant comments when she wears it on her finger!

Several details are worth mentioning here for this engagement ring under 500.

The most captivating feature has to be the round diamonds adorned on the metallic band. Set with 33 shimmering accent white diamonds, they produce a charming effect which is conspicuous even from a distance.

Along with the exceptional style lies a center prized diamond in an exquisite halo setting. The surrounding smaller diamond that are arranged in a fashion helps to accentuate its brilliance.

Another noteworthy feature is the 14k white gold shank, which completes the design of this engagement ring set under 500.


Similar Ring Available

For less than 500 dollars, you can find a similar engagement ring that is constructed with pink sapphire in the centre.

Round Brilliant Pink Sapphire and White Diamond Engagement Ring 1/3 carat (ctw) in 14k White Gold

0.5 Carat Pave Round Diamond Ladies Bridal Wedding Ring Set, 14K White Gold

Why she will love it

1/2ct Pave Round Diamond Bridal SetThe dazzling number of natural diamonds in an awe-inspiring design will surely mesmerize your beloved partner.

Designed in a halo setting, the center prized diamond is secured in a 4 prong setting to give it more visibility. Surrounded artistically in a round style by glittering smaller diamonds, the end result is a stunning piece of masterwork.

Blending harmoniously with the halo design are accompanying diamonds that are studded in the 14k white gold band. The continuous sparkling pattern will undoubtedly earn her praise when she shows this ring to her friends and family.

You can also find the studded diamonds in the complementary wedding band. Matching imaginatively with the engagement ring, this is among the most majestic wedding ring set under 500 dollars!


1/3 Carat Flower Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring, Sterling Silver

Why she will love it

Flower Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring 1/3ctwA one-of-a-kind engagement that showcases vintage style with leaf inspired design.

Since ancient times, floral decor, especially flowers, have always provide a visual spectacle for mankind and enthuse many poets and writers with leaf related verses in their literature.

Your partner will be beaming with pleasure at the sight of this ring that draws its style from flowers. Wavy metal bridges and outward-pointing pattern resembling Mother nature’s leaves, surrounding 7 round cut sparkling round diamonds in form of flower cluster.

Total weight of the center diamond is 1/3 carat, these gemstones are set in a sterling silver.

For a prized jewelry that she will adore for a long time, this is surely among the best vintage engagement rings under 500 to buy for her.


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