How to Buy an Engagement Ring – 6 Important Steps You Cannot Miss

Choosing Engagement RingCongratulations that you finally found your soul mate!

Knowing how to buy an engagement ring is one question that you will soon have. So, how are you planning for that special moment when you will pop up the question to her?

This is an exciting phase in your life. Certainly, the first step to taking your romance to the next level is searching for a fitting engagement ring for the special ready.

As a first timer, the wild world of jewelry will be inundating with all the possibilities on offer. Unless you are well prepared for the task, choosing an engagement ring that complements her personality can be a harrowing experience.

Here at Jewelry Vista, we seek to directly help you with the main question on how to choose an engagement ring by recommending a carefully chosen list of engagement rings that are grouped by price.

These rings cover a wide array of style, gemstones and material. By also telling you where you can buy them, we also address a common question on how to find the perfect engagement ring by giving you our list of quality rings that we have selected and short-listed.

Check out our recommended list of engagement rings by price at the end of this article.

Here are the 6 helpful steps to save you the troubles of buying the best engagement ring for your beloved.

How to buy engagement ring1) Find Out, Albeit Discreetly, Her Favored Style
You wouldn’t want to ruin the momentous occasion by buying a dull, oversized engagement ring that has never existed in her inspiration board.

That’s why you should strive to find out in detail her favored color, ring settings and pretty everything in between. The fact that your soul mate is just as excited as you are about marriage means she will easily drop hints about her likes, ring size and more. You can even browse for ring styles online together.

An excellent tip is also to check out her jewelry box to get a good sense of the designs and colors of jewelry that she likes.

Nevertheless, be discreet in all this so as to preserve the surprise that the proposal time deserves.

2) Finding Out The Suitable Ring Size
This step is important to ensure that the engagement ring fits neatly into her ring finger by finding out her finger size. The average woman’s ring size is about 6. Finding the right ring size is equally importantly when you were searching for a promise ring if you have given your sweetheart a promise ring earlier, whether it was a diamond promise ring under 100 or other price range.

This size research has to be done in the early stage in your quest to find the perfect engagement ring for your dearest. When you have finally found the perfect engagement ring, only to lack this crucial detail to complete the purchase, you will waste crucial time to get this ring as there are other essential activities to plan for like the best venue and accompanying props to set up when proposing to her.

In addition, if you start trying zealously to find out her ring finger circumference only later in your quest, you will less likely to maintain the element of surprise when you propose to her as she will start suspecting that you are buying an engagement ring.

The simplest method to know her ring size is to quietly slip away a ring that she currently wears on her ring finger or middle finger. Use a measuring tape to measure the internal circumference of the ring. This is a good reference for an estimated size. Do note that actual band size may be different across different brands.

Even if you eventually get the wrong size, fret not. You can always get the ring resized. Even online jewerly stores offer this resizing service, where they have become popular to purchase engagement rings due to its competitive prices and quality offerings.

How To Buy Diamond Engagement Ring3) Master The 4C’s Of Gemstones
If you want to learn how to buy a diamond engagement ring or one that is studded with other precious stones, mastering the nitty gritty of a ring setting is of utmost importance for a bride-groom-to-be.

After all, the brilliance, strength and value of whatever ring you choose should be as unique as your special lady.

It is common for the gemstones like diamonds of the engagement rings to be evaluated on four levels namely carat weight, stone cut, color and clarity. Learn what each level entails and the combinations that can fit in your budget and preferences. You will make a better choice this way.

4) Set your budget
It’s always been said that an engagement ring shouldn’t cost less than two months of your salary. However, times have change and this has become an over-simplified gauge.

The reality though dictates that you plan for a ring that you can actually afford without actually breaking the bank. A price that will not make you feel pain and bother you periodically. That’s why you should have a rough idea of what you are willing to spend on the ring before beginning the search.

If you can’t afford the expensive rings, consider her style. If she likes a large ring yet your budget isn’t sufficient, you can opt to reduce the carat size and still get as much a sparkle.

You can also alter the stones clarity to suit your budget. In short, plan to buy something she will like to show off but still maintain your financial sanity. After all, there is a proposal and wedding plans to prepare for which will add to your budget.

If you are searching for an engagement ring under 500 dollars, check out here.
For higher budget, click here for engagement rings under 1000 or engagement rings for under 2000 dollars here.

5) Choose a reputed jeweler
It’s always a good idea to start your search for an engagement ring by asking looking at reputable sellers. This way, you can minimize chances of being duped into buying substandard rings or even loosing hard earned money altogether.

Whether you are purchasing at a physical store or buying online (many discounted high quality rings can be bought from the internet), find out about their return policy just in case she doesn’t like your ring of choice. Large online retailers that sell engagement rings like Amazon and Brillianteers have an excellent return policy that minimizes the risk of the buyer.

Don’t hesitate to ask around for sales offers, or email the online store for more information as you can easily land a good ring on a lower budget.

6) Buying the engagement ring
You’ve done the hard work and finally located the ring of your liking. Now it’s time to plan for the purchase process.

If you aren’t sourcing the ring locally, set aside enough time for the ring to be shipped to your destination. The time you set aside depends on factors such as if you are going for a custom designed ring, your location of residence and other shipping logistics.

An ideal duration to be mentally prepared to get the engagement ring is between six to eight weeks. This longer time-frame also allows time for resizing in case you found out that your initial ring size estimate is incorrect.

One more thing! Be prepared for the big occasion. After all, proposing is a once in a lifetime chance that you don’t want to ruin!

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