The Complete Guide (2017) on Promise Rings

(updated in 2017) This article serves to explain in great detail the meaning of promise rings and also what exactly is a promise ring with a comprehensive guide. Read on now!

promise-ring-meaningPromise Ring Meaning

So what is a promise ring?

A promise ring is a ring that a couple may give to each other as a sign of love and affection.

A promise ring is not as official as an engagement ring but it is also a strong symbol of the couples bond to each other. You can view it as a relationship ring to give your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Promise rings can sometimes be confused with purity rings which symbolize the intent of “staying pure” by staying a virgin until marriage. Purity rings are strongly connected to religion while promise rings can be worn even completely without having such a connection.

The idea of promise rings is old and goes back many hundred years. In England in the 1600’s promise rings were called posy rings because of the love poems that were engraved in them, and in the Georgian and Victorian times they were Acrostic rings which had words spelled in gemstones in them.

Wearing a ring as a public display of love and affection is a very old tradition dating back to ancient Rome as evidence exists stating that engagement bands were worn by brides in ancient Rome.

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What The Promise Ring Will Mean To Your Relationship

what-is-a-promise-ringHow does a promise ring impact on your relationship? Does it make it stronger or will it be just another everyday occurrence for your relationship?

Well, a promise ring is supposed bring you closer and align your future plans. The result of such is a close-knit relationship founded on understanding, mutual trust, and respect.

The actual meaning of a promise ring may vary from couple to couple but the main gist is that it signifies a promise of commitment that has been made between the couple. The ring is a public symbol to show the outside world the love that a couple feels towards each other and to signify that the couple is not just dating, but the relationship has become more serious than that.

when-to-give-promise-ringsIn its most essential form a promise ring is used to signify the couple’s love and commitment to the relationship. For some couples a promise ring can be a symbol and a promise of a future engagement.

However a promise ring is not always a promise that an engagement will happen, as some couples choose to exchange promise rings when they want to publicly show their commitment to each other but they may not feel ready to commit to marriage yet or maybe they do not want to get married at all, for financial or other personal reasons.

Even though a promise ring is not seen as having the same gravity as an engagement ring wearing it should not be taken lightly as it is a symbol of a strong and serious commitment. The many meanings behind the use of promise rings make them appeal to a large audience.

The Ideal Time to Give your Partner the Promise Ring

Usually it is the boyfriend who initiates the move to search for promise rings for girlfriend. Hence for this section of the article, we will use the female pronoun, however, do note that it is also accepted that a girl makes the first move and buys a promise ring for him.

promise-ring-wordsA promise ring symbolizes many things right from a desire commitment and fidelity to a pledge of undying friendship and even commitment to overcoming a bad habit.

That’s why you should choose an ideal time to give out the ring and leave a smile on your partner’s face. While every couple or friends have different needs and preferences, below are the best times to dole out the promise ring for her:

When you are deep in love

There is no better time of giving her the promise than when your relationship is blossoming. That way, you will easily know agree on the type of the ring to order, what it means to the relationship and hints on when to actually fix that ring on her ring finger.

During a special occasion

Is she expecting to graduate from high school anytime school? Or is her birthday in the next few weeks? If your partner is celebrating a special occasion, you can ride on the celebratory mood and stretch the fun an extra mile by giving her the promise ring.

Anytime she is ready for the ring

However much you would want to surprise your missus, offering the ring blindly may spark off disagreements in the relationship.
A case in point, if she has been expecting an engagement ring, a promise ring may not augur well with her.

Propose the idea to her and get her consent prior to making arrangements for the ring.

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Which Hand To Wear The Promise Ring?

which-hand-to-wear-promise-ringAs a common practice, whether it is a promise ring for her or him, is usually worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This is also the same finger which the engagement ring is worn. Traditionally, the ring is worn there as there is a vein that runs directly from this finger to the heart – a symbolic meaning indeed.

However the etiquette is not the same for promise rings and they can even be worn on a necklace, not necessarily on any finger.

In the last decade promise rings have started coming back to the mainstream trend as famous public figures such as for example the Jonas Brother and Miley Cyrus started wearing purity rings which even though they are not the same as promise rings like mentioned earlier still lent some inspiration for people to start wearing promise rings.

How to select a promise ring?

good-promise-ringsWhen it comes to selecting the right promise ring these are some aspects you need to take into consideration:

• The style of the promise ring meaning how decorative you want the ring to be and if you choose a decorative ring, what symbol(s) you want the ring to be decorated with.

• If you decide to go with a simple style and stones, there are different stones and styles of the stones to look into.

Whatever style you choose, the most important part is to get the right size so that you may wear the promise ring comfortably on the finger.

Some people choose to wear the ring on a necklace as there is no etiquette to follow when it comes to wearing the promise ring, but just so you have the option of wearing it on your finger if you wish to do so at some point we would recommend getting the ring in the right size for you.

These aspects that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing a promise ring are somewhat similar to the ones you would also consider while choosing an engagement ring and if the plan is to eventually get married. You will need to think about these aspects regarding the engagement ring also while you are choosing a promise ring.

Even though this may seem a little early, you will want to make sure that the promise ring you choose will not compete with the style of the future engagement ring; the style of the promise ring should be completely different compared to the engagement ring.

Both of these rings serve a purpose, and after the engagement the promise ring will most likely become more of a fashion piece to wear as an accessory while the engagement ring is the symbol of commitment.

Promise rings are often more modest in style and more affordable in price than engagement rings as it is thought that they may be replaced by an engagement ring later on. For engagement rings, buying engagements rings that cost under 1000 are not uncommon while more affordable alternatives of engagement rings around 500 dollars are also common.

Promise rings are available in many different styles:

Chow-to-select-promise-ringsommon themes include but are not limited to:
• Rings decorated with hearts, rings with intertwined designs that symbolize the couple’s union, Claddagh rings, as well as eternity rings.

• Simple bands with a mosaic or a composite of stones are also available.

• Diamond promise rings for her often have small diamonds which helps to keep the cost at a more affordable level.

• Promise rings that are made of sterling silver, 9 carat Gold or Palladium are also more affordable as these materials are less expensive.

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And finally, and importantly, how to give the promise ring and leave a lasting impression

promise-ring-for-herThe fact that you are deeply intimate can easily lead to your partner misconstruing a promise ring for an engagement one. To prevent such a mix up, here is how to give her the promise ring.

1. Tell her in advance

While you would want to make everything spontaneous, making her aware of your plans to give her a promise ring will prepare her psychological and possibly open an avenue for discussing more on the relationship or the undertaking related to the ring.

Communication is essential in creating a close-knit relationship.

2. Choose a fitting ring

As mentioned in your earlier section on “How To Select A Promise Ring”, it is important to choose a ring that the loved one will like and appreciate. While the ring does not have to be expensive, it should be attractive enough for her to wear it with pride.

To make the promise ring stand out, you can, for instance, tailor it with an engraved message that resonates with your relationship, her aspirations or what she treasures most.

You can, alternatively, choose a pledge ring with a gemstone setting that resonates with her birthday or some special occasion.

when-to-give-girlfriend-promise-ring3. Present it in an enticing manner

You do not want to make the moment you present so predictable that she can gauge your next, or do you?

Be creative and give the ring in the most unique settings. You can, for instance, slip the ring on a stem or petal of one of her favorite flower around the house and wait for the big occasion.

Alternately, you can create a treasure hunt moment during one of those happy evenings and lead her into discovering the ring.

4. Utter the right words

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to give the ring when both of you are in good moods. That way, you can easily utter nice messages and actually seem to mean them. Let them know you treasure them and you mean to fulfill your promise.

5. Put the ring on the ring finger

There is a great confusion on which finger you should slip the ring. As mentioned earlier, slip it on the ring finger of the left hand side.

Bottom Line

In summary, promise rings are used as a sign of love and commitment between a couple.

Some couples exchange promise rings and may be happy with them representing the strong bond they have, while for others a promise ring is a sign that there will be an engagement in the future and being one step closer to marriage.

Ultimately, it is completely up to the couple in question to decide the meaning of the promise ring. We hope this complete guide provides everything you need to know about the meaning of promise rings.

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